Bradford is young, ambitious and hungry for growth and I’m incredibly proud that I’ve been able to turn the idea of Filamentive into a reality, whilst creating four new jobs in my home city of Bradford.

Filamentive was founded upon the need for change in the 3D printing market. In late 2015, after studying an environment-based degree in Yorkshire and having run a 3D printing business previously, it became clear that the high-quality filament used in 3D printers currently on the market was not sustainable, and the alternative recycled filament options were not up to standard.

I sought to create a new brand of filament which makes use of materials that would alternatively go to waste, whilst addressing the need for high quality to satisfy the needs of the 3D printing market. Following support from the Shell LiveWire, the University of Leeds and ‘The Environment Now’ programme we have been able to research, explore and develop the idea into action, growing Filamentive from paper to product, all from our Bradford base.

Being based in Bradford brings many benefits to Filamentive – providing a good location in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse with access to a young, growing and well-educated population. However, despite the benefits our location brings, inadequate transport links continue to make recruitment and client servicing increasingly difficult.

A Northern Powerhouse Rail station in Bradford city centre would allow us to be more productive, satisfy client demand and provide better access to Manchester Airport. To trade globally, we need to be able to travel globally, and whilst the Northern Powerhouse is well connected to the world through Manchester Airport, the journey between Bradford and Manchester is a difficult one.

I believe that Bradford has the potential to play a major role in the economy of both the Northern Powerhouse and the UK. The people of Bradford are ready to work, and have the skills to drive the North towards the future, however the only way Bradford can drive the North forward is if it is properly connected through Northern Powerhouse Rail.

With the demand for 3D printers growing all the time, this only the beginning of Filamentive’s journey. Our aim is to position Filamentive as a global leader in the production of 3D filament, taking on bigger premises in Bradford and recruiting 50 staff by 2022. Bradford is Filamentive’s home, and it gives me great pleasure live and work here.


The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the National Lottery’s Big Lottery Fund through the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.