From humble beginnings in Huddersfield to the successful Society they are today, Yorkshire Building Society (YBS) has always stayed true to its strong values which put the customer at the heart of everything it does.

When thinking about the future, YBS’ plans are clear – to become the most trusted financial services provider in the UK. However, Yorkshire Building Society is about so much more than delivering just financial products. Supporting local communities and good causes is a key priority for the organisation, leading to the formation of the Yorkshire Building Charitable Foundation almost twenty years ago, which has so far seen more than £7m donated to charities across the UK.

While YBS’ three million customers and members live around the country, they are proud that their principle office is in Bradford. Employing a team of 4,000 people across the UK, over 2,000 of these employees are based in Bradford and Leeds, making YBS one of the largest financial and professional services businesses in the Leeds City Region.

With its two largest offices in West Yorkshire, regional transport connectivity is essential to the smooth running and productivity of YBS.

Therefore for YBS, the economic case for a Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR) station in Bradford city centre, and the economic uplift that would provide to the city, is strong.

With 321 employees commuting between Leeds and Bradford daily, YBS supports the NPR’s long-term goal of reducing the journey time by train to seven minutes. It would also enable the business to recruit new talent from further afield and help YBS widen the catchment area for their highly regarded apprenticeship scheme.

However, the building society recognises that increased investment in railway connectivity across the North is about more than just allowing people to quickly travel between Bradford and other cities. YBS recognises the impact Bradford’s youthful population will have on the Bradford District in the coming generations.

YBS is clear – with the right transport links, more businesses will choose to base themselves in Bradford over the coming years, which will boost not just Bradford’s economy, but the economy of the UK as a whole.

YBS recognises that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve the connectivity of Bradford, and finally put the city on a mainline rail network. It is for this reason that YBS supports the campaign to bring Northern Powerhouse Rail to Bradford city centre, an investment that will undoubtedly unlock vast opportunities for years to come.