Henri Murison, Public Affairs Manager at the Yorkshire Building Society Group, writes at Devo Connect:

The need for better East – West connectivity across the North is undeniable, via road, rail and undoubtedly digital links. One notable example of what will address this need is Northern Powerhouse Rail. Its title does not truly reflect the significance of this project: Crossrail of the North would perhaps be more apt; the piece of transformational infrastructure which will effectively reshape the map of Liverpool, Newcastle and Hull and all those communities between. In the Leeds City Region, the #NextStopBradford campaign has caught the imagination of many of those living and working here. Ensuring a Manchester to Leeds route which includes a Bradford city centre station is a piece of infrastructure which will need a consensus across the North as well as significant financial commitment. It will not only transform Bradford’s economy, but also connect our country’s youngest city and workforce with the agglomerations of both Leeds and Manchester.

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