Last week’s launch of Transport for the North’s draft Strategic Transport Plan marked a significant milestone for the Next Stop Bradford campaign. The Plan proposes a new Trans Pennine rail line that connects Manchester and Leeds, with just one stop, Bradford.

But to make this plan a reality, we need your help. TfN is running a consultation at now. It is essential that everyone who supports Bradford’s case participates in this consultation, and tells TfN that they want a Bradford City Centre station to be confirmed as part of the Northern Powerhouse Rail line.

Analysis presented in Transport for the North’s Plan shows that Northern Powerhouse Rail will revolutionise the North’s economy, unlocking investment and creating opportunity and new economic choices for millions of people across the North. By delivering faster and more frequent trains, Northern Powerhouse Rail will enable the North to attract the people and skills it needs, allowing businesses to collaborate effectively on a pan-Northern and international scale.

However, it’s important to remember that this is not a done deal. Northern Powerhouse Rail is being developed as part of the TfN’s Long Term Rail Strategy that will be delivered in phases, and is likely to require a number of years of further planning before being given the final go ahead.

The draft Strategic Transport Plan does not contain a firm commitment on whether the Bradford stop will take the form of a city centre station or a parkway station. At Next Stop Bradford we strongly believe that the investment should be made in the city centre, where the benefits will be felt by the greatest number of people.

Over the next 13 weeks Transport for the North is carrying out a public consultation, requesting the thoughts and opinions of the public on the draft Plan. Views gathered throughout the consultation will inform the creation of the Strategic Outline Business Case for Northern Powerhouse Rail, which will be released by the Department for Transport and TfN by the end of 2018.

We ask supporters of Next Stop Bradford to make their voice heard by taking part in the TfN consultation to ensure this vital opportunity for Bradford is not missed. There is still more to be done and we ask for your continued support to ensure transformational change is brought to the city of Bradford.

Transport for the North’s public consultation will run until 17th April 2018. To take part in the consultation and for details of TfN’s engagement events, visit and scroll down to ‘Consultation’. Alternatively, you can send written feedback to:

TfN Draft Transport Plan Consultation
IPSOS Mori North
Freepost Admail 4275
M60 1HE

For more information contact