Between now and December 2018, Transport for the North will compile economic evidence and undertake detailed research into where to locate the Northern Powerhouse Rail network.

Within this time, the Next Stop Bradford campaign will work hard to demonstrate the economic and social benefits a Northern Powerhouse Rail station in Bradford city centre would bring.

However, it is important to show the support and demand for this investment from Bradford’s thriving business community and residents across the district.

To do this, we need your support.

Let your voice be heard by pledging your support for the campaign. By doing so, you are actively playing your part in helping to secure this investment for Bradford city centre which would bring benefits for generations to come.

Feel free to leave a positive comment about why you are supporting the campaign and help us make Bradford’s ambition a reality.

Supporters' Messages

I really want to see Northern Powerhouse Rail come to Bradford, and I am committed to making sure that really does happen, because Bradford needs better links.

Chris Grayling Secretary of State for Transport

The strong message we will continue to voice is that the north simply cannot be successful without Bradford being successful and the time to invest is now.

Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe Leader of Bradford Council

The hard evidence is stacking up in favour of a city centre station and this is supported by businesses and people in the community who agree there is a vital demand for this investment in East to West connectivity.

Judith Cummins MP MP for Bradford South

Linking Bradford and Leeds with Northern Powerhouse Rail will transform connectivity between two of the largest and fastest growing cities in the UK.

Cllr Judith Blake Leader of Leeds City Council

As investors in Bradford and Manchester we would welcome much better rail links. This will reduce congestion, reduce pollution and increase investment.

Tom Bloxham MBE Chairman and Co-Founder of Urban Splash

As the main airport connecting Yorkshire to the rest of the world and being only 11km from Bradford city centre, a fast, reliable and high capacity NPR connection to the city is key to the future economic prosperity of Bradford and the Airport.

Charles Johnson Head of Planning Development at Leeds Bradford Airport

With the opening of Bradford Live in late 2020 we look forward to welcoming 270,000+ visitors from across the North of England and beyond. NPR is essential to help facilitate this and the ongoing regeneration of our City.

Kirsten Branston Director of Bradford Live

Wider connectivity and agglomeration benefits of infrastructure investment in Bradford could be similar to those delivered in Birmingham through the development of the £750m Birmingham New Street Station. Such benefits anticipated, based on our experience of the delivery of the Birmingham station development could include jobs, access to training, apprenticeship opportunities and ultimately the boosting of regional economic output.

Lisa Bowden Associate Director at Mace Group

Siting a Northern Powerhouse Rail station in Bradford city centre makes sense not only for this city – putting, as it does, Bradford back on the main line – but for West Yorkshire generally.

Andy Caton Vice Chairman of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce Board

The opportunities are huge and I see this launch of the Next Stop Bradford campaign as being just a start.

Cllr Keith Wakefield Chair of WYCA Transport Committee

Investing in the rail network, specifically via a Northern Powerhouse Rail station in Bradford city centre, will not only ease congestion on our roads but also better connect people to jobs, and businesses to their suppliers and customers.

Mike Regnier CEO of YBS

Investing in Bradford’s transport system through NPR, will help to transform the North’s economy. The opportunity must not be missed.

Sandy Needham Chief Executive of West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

On behalf of Bradford Civic Society, I'm delighted to pledge my support for the Next Stop Bradford campaign. Bradford is young, ambitious and hungry for growth so is the perfect location for a Northern Powerhouse Rail station that will transform the face of our city centre and improve economic prospects for the whole district. We're already at the heart of the country, now let's be at the heart of a new and vibrant east to west rail network too.

Si Cunningham Chairman of the Civic Society

Better connectivity to Manchester and Leeds would transform our ability to recruit the best people from a wider area. It would also enable us to manage regional projects far more efficiently.

Amir Hussain Chief of Everything at Yeme Architects

I have long been campaigning for greater investment in the North's transport infrastructure. I am championing the Next Stop Bradford campaign to help bring Northern Powerhouse Rail to Bradford city centre and ensure all people in Bradford, and my constituents across Shipley, are connected to the opportunities of the future.

Philip Davies Conservative MP for Shipley

Rail is once again the future. In Bradford we have a suitable, available location for an HS3 station. Supported by Leeds who will host HS2 alongside one of the already busiest transport hubs in the UK. Bradford is a great place to do business but we need to be able to get people to it!

Cllr John Pennington Deputy Leader of Conservative Group

A Northern Powerhouse Rail station in Bradford city centre is not just about faster, more efficient trains and better connectivity - this investment has the potential to act as a catalyst for further regeneration in our city centre. I am supporting Next Stop Bradford to ensure Bradford makes the most of this opportunity and secures an even better future for all our residents and businesses.

Cllr Simon Cooke Leader of Bradford Conservative Group

HS3 rail investment is key to the future prosperity of Bradford and to the District that surrounds it, not only for businesses and commuters within Bradford, but also for the tourist industry and those visiting the historic locations and beautiful Dales scenery that comprise this wonderful part of the North.

Cllr Gerry Barker Conservative Councillor for Wharfedale

Having started my career on the British Rail in Bradford, this campaign has my full support and today as Mr Yorkshire even more so.

Keith Madeley MBE Mr Yorkshire

It's important that the fourth largest metropolitan district in the country is connected to the rest of the country.

Gerry Sutcliffe Former Bradford MP

A city centre station and through service will be transformational for Bradford and has the ability to be a powerful contributor to the economic future and social well being of the city, the district and the wider region. A once in a lifetime opportunity that should not be lost.

Gerald Jennings Chairman of the West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce

As one of the largest populations in the UK, it's key that Bradford improves rail connectivity, to maximise our economic potential for both the region and nationally.

Nasser Malik Chairman of the Yorkshire Enterprise Network (YEN) and Malik House Business Centres

Bradford is fighting its way back to be a first class city again.  It must not be passed by and therefore it is essential that it is included in the rail link.

Barbara W Wirral

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    Placing Bradford, which is in population terms Britain’s youngest city, on the Northern Powerhouse Rail route is vital to unlock our future workforce for Manchester as well as create a conjoined City Centre for Leeds and Bradford.  I personally will be working hard to support the leader of the Council Cllr Susan Hinchliffe, her Chief Executive Kersten England and West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce as part of Next Stop Bradford campaign to secure a city centre station from Government.

    Henri Murison Director of The Northern Powerhouse Partnership

    Having personally worked in Bradford in the past, including on the redevelopment of Forster Square, I recognise the huge impact – both economic and psychological – that transport investment of this scale would have on the city. As a global employer working across the Northern Powerhouse, Mace fully supports Bradford’s vision to secure a Northern Powerhouse Rail station in its city centre. We must make sure this vital opportunity is not missed if the economic benefits for Bradford and agglomeration benefits for the wider North are to be realised.

    Jason Millett COO for Consultancy at Mace Group

    Bradford is on the up with an economic and cultural regeneration happening right now. Investment in high speed rail links is needed so the city can continue to thrive.

    Syima Aslam Co-Founder and Director of the Bradford Literature Festival

    A Northern Powerhouse railway station in Bradford would be of huge benefit to the economy of our interesting city, helping Bradford to realise its huge potential. It would also benefit the wider West Yorkshire region.

    Maggie E Heaton

    It is time for Bradford to be treated as the big city that it is, and as a vital part of the Northern Powerhouse. It is by a long way the largest city not currently on the proposed network, and bigger than some cities on it. Not only would a city centre station benefit Bradford, but the whole region.

    Peter B Horsforth

    I have recently moved my business from London to Bradford because I believe in the city, the people and the expertise that can be drawn from them. It is about time that Bradford is re-positioned to take on more of a leading role for the city and for the region.

    Anna D Bradford

    This will open up opportunities for young people from across the north to explore the cultural heritage of each others' regions, as well as promoting economic opportunity.

    Lucy H Shipley

    Bradford is a fantastic city in a multitude of ways. However it currently lacks the rail connectivity and speed that its size, heritage and cultural & economic potential merit. A Northern Powerhouse rail hub for Bradford is essential to both the district and the region's prosperity, sustainability and resilience.

    Barry C Shipley

    As a country we must take positive practical steps to bring together the North and South and older and younger people. Bradford, as the 5th largest City in England and as the City with the youngest age profile, has an essential role to play in this process and connecting it to the Northern Powerhouse development is critical in achieving this role.

    Chris H South Cambridge

    Bradford needs to have a stronger connection with the rest of the world, bringing the Northern Powerhouse Rail station to our city centre would be a great step in the right direction. It will show we are open for business and the begining of a fantastic journey for the North.

    Cain L Shipley

    Bradford is right in the heart of the country. The connection to the city of Bradford will enable faster and better access to trade, industry and employment. It will bring people to our family friendly city with so much to offer in entertainment, dining and events, in addition to being the gateway to the beauty of the district such as Saltaire, Ilkley and the Yorkshire Dales.

    Clare A Ilkley

    Bradford is ideally situated for this in the centre of Yorkshire and with the ongoing growth of Bradford's businesses this will benefit not only Bradford but the surrounding business and rural community.

    Richard H Great Horton

    Bradford is a thriving Hub of resource for the North to assimilate, in its progress towards becoming a Powerhouse. This transport link is a vital connection to that resource: the time for action is now.

    Bruce M Queensbury

    I travel by train occasionally especially to Bradford, Leeds, Manchester and London. My preference is still to travel by car. If the rail network was improved I would use it much more frequently to commute, for leisure and retail.

    Darren S Bingley

    I work in Bradford and see the daily problems with transport that commuters in and out of the City face. Improved transport infrastructure will allow a more efficient and effective movement of people and skills between Bradford and other towns and cities.

    Chris C Calderdale

    Bradford deserves a strong rail network to the rest of the country to showcase the hidden gems that the region has to offer, and to increase the profile of this unique and wonderful part of the country. It is also essential to attract businesses, students and visitors to the region in the numbers it deserves.

    Anneliese F Wakefield