Mace Group is an international consultancy and construction company that has delivered world class projects and programmes across the last 27 years. Today, Mace employs more than 5,600 people across the globe – from bases in the UK, the Americas, Mainland Europe, Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa.

Mace has grown by combining its global infrastructure capability, with its commercial construction experience and its property expertise. Delivering complex and large scale programmes across a variety of sectors including, including aviation, rail, utilities, highways, energy, education, health and the public sector.

Mace’s vision is to be the industry leader in helping to shape cities and build sustainable communities. This, coupled with Mace’s mission to continuously pursue a better way, has helped the group to grow, strengthen its position in the industry, and help clients realise their ambitions.

It is, at least in part, because of this vision that Mace Group now enjoys a turnover in excess of £2bn per year.

With offices across the Northern Powerhouse, including in key locations such as Manchester and Leeds, Mace is extremely supportive of Bradford’s case for being included on the Northern Powerhouse Rail line through a city centre station. Mace is clear that improved connectivity across the north through Northern Powerhouse Rail would create more sustainable employment opportunities for people who live in the north, increasing economic opportunities across the region.

Improved connectivity would also make it easier for Mace and other northern based businesses to attract and retain talent – with employees having access to wider career development and training opportunities across pan-Northern business hubs.

Mace is clear in expecting that, should Bradford be connected to Northern Powerhouse Rail through a city centre station stop, it would expect further business growth. As they explain, infrastructure development is key in enabling a combined north to reach its full potential.

Why does Mace think Northern Powerhouse Rail important for Bradford?

“Northern Powerhouse Rail will put Bradford on the map; it will reduce journey times to and from Leeds; it will support improved connectivity east to west, including movement of staff between office locations and clients; it will increase productivity in Bradford; it will support economic improvements in the city; it will allow the city to attract more high calibre staff and graduates.”

In July, Mace launched its Bradford Bonus report which shows that the construction of a new hub railway station in Bradford city centre could provide an economic boost of £1.5bn a year to the local economy. Click here to download and read the full report: